How to Learn what's really holding you back in love with a Personalized Love Assessment by Dr. Tari Mack

“It would take a year of therapy to learn what I learned in 30 minutes

with Dr. Tari Mack and the Love Assessment.”

I will give you direct answers to all your questions and guidance that will change the course of your love and your life.

Dr. Tari Mack has appeared on Access Hollywood as a Celebrity Relationship Expert, is the Resident Relationship Expert on WGN Daytime Chicago and has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Glamour UK and more, providing relationship advice and insight for a world wide audience. As a Clinical Psychologist, she has helped thousands of people just like you, navigate relationships and find the love they dream of.

Ghosted? Broken Hearted? With a serial cheater? Divorced? If you feel like No matter how hard you try, it never works out, this is the place to start:

If you are feeling frustrated, disappointed, and like you are wasting your time over and over with relationships that aren't successful, then start with the personal Love Assessment with Dr. Tari Mack.

You Will Discover…

  • Your Unconscious Attraction so you can attract and be attracted to the right partner
  • Your Relationship Blind Spots blocking you from developing a healthy relationship
  • How your childhood has shaped your coping, communication, and emotional models and whether these are working for you or against you

Here Is What You’ll Get…


Assess Your Love and Grow Your Relationship

I will examine your childhood, relationship history and self-view and tell you what’s running your old, habitual unfulfilling love patterns.


Avoid Unfulfilling Relationships With Perfectly-Crafted Worksheet

Understand what your work is in this relationship and this lifetime in order for you to access the love you deserve.


Hop on a 30 Minute Call That Will Change Your Life

I will give you direct answers to all your questions and guidance that will change the course of your love and your life.

The Love Assessment

This is an in depth look into your life history, behaviors, mistakes, and heartbreaks to see what is really affecting your love life.

The Love Assessment is an in-depth personalized review of how you show up in your love relationships, so you can gain a strong understanding of the blind spots that hold you back. Dr. Tari Mack will personally take a look under the hood and give you an assessment that will change your life forever.

  • The first step is answering an in-depth questionnaire that covers your childhood, self-view, love history, coping style, emotional models, interpersonal skills, heartbreak, past pain, ideal partner, boundaries and old stories, roles and beliefs that keep you stuck in the same dead end relationship patterns. These are pivotal points that help shape the way we act in relationships.
  • Dr. Tari Mack studies the data from the questionnaire and provides a written in-depth analysis of what is holding you back
  • Personally meet with Dr. Tari Mack for a 30 minute review of your results!!

"In my years as a psychologist, I’ve come to see clearly how our childhood and life experiences translate in our adult relationships and often block the love we seek, sabotage our relationships, and keep us replaying old patterns that end up disappointment, heartbreak and loneliness. My gift and passion is helping people clearly see what needs to shift and change so they can change these patterns and finally access and create the love they want."

Dr. Tari Mack

Dr. Tari Mack is a Clinical Psychologist, not just a coach, come see the difference

Ever want a psychologist to just tell you the answers?

Now you can with The Love Assessment

“It would take a year of therapy to learn what I learned in 30 minutes with Dr. Tari Mack and the Love Assessment.”

Here’s What People Are Saying

Over 5000+ success stories and counting...

Sabrina, Chicago

I worked with Dr. Mack on a love assessment and she identified my blind spots through a questionnaire and a few phone calls. When I say I made more progress with Dr. Mack in these short few sessions than I have the last year with my therapist (not Dr. Mack), I tell no lies. What she revealed to me became my mantras, or my “work” as she likes to call it. I became aware of what I needed to work on, and what I had been doing wrong and was determined to break these patterns. Three months later, I met someone and I couldn’t be happier! Ask, believe, do your work and receive! Thank you, Dr. Mack!

Brittany, Utah

Working with Dr. Tari was a fabulous experience. Talking with her felt like talking to a very wise loving friend. She is extremely intuitive and insightful. She provides both the gentle ” soft l best friend love” that makes you feel safe and understood as well as the ” tough love” that really lights a fire for you to understand how to heal, grow, and do better moving forward as you ” do your own work.” She helped me see what my personal work was, and learning about BOUNDARIES has really been a game changer for me. I’ve been exclusively dating my current boyfriend for 13 months now. We met two months after working with Dr. Tari. I learned so much about myself and relationships and have been able to drop a lot of my scarcity mentality mindset as she helped me trust more in the abundance that is always available. Work with Dr. Tari!

What Are You Waiting For?

Get your Personalized Love Assessment today

“It would take a year of therapy to learn what I learned in 30 minutes with Dr. Tari Mack and the Love Assessment.”


How fast will I see results?

Things will begin to shift quickly when you commit to this work. The more focused and committed you are to change, the quicker you’ll see results!

What if it doesn't work for me?

I guarantee that if you commit to this work, you will see huge positive changes in your life and in your relationships. If it’s not working, it means there is a block we need to uncover.

What if I'm already in a relationship?

If you are currently in a relationship, this work will help you understand how to show up as the healthiest partner you can, set healthy boundaries, and only focus on those things you are in control of. You will feel more aligned, clear, and peaceful as a result of this work.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! Absolutely!! We use advanced technology to protect your payment details.